No One “Wants” a Toyota, Part 2

Opel’s age-old mission is to make the latest technology in automobiles available to a wider audience. Additionally, the company has spent more than a decade developing automobiles that customers’ would “want”. Opel’s efforts are now paying off. Aside from their die-hard fans, new owners around the world are learning to love the brand. Sounds like an opportune time for Columbian Motors to bring back this humble German car brand. Knowing the Filipinos’ appetite for SUVs, it is time to get to know the lightning brand’s Opel Xs:

Crossland X – For Opel, the smallest vehicles always gets the most attention. The smallest SUV of the lot, the Crossland X is one handsome compact crossover. It could be the perfect Manila going SUV: commanding driving view, highly manoeuvrable, comfortable over humps and potholes, versatile interior space, roomy for four adults with adequate space for load. It may cost only 1 million pesos to experience Opel’s renowned looks and drivability in the city. This vehicle will most likely be powered by the potent turbocharged three cylinder 1.2 liter petrol engine of PSA.

Mokka X – The name suggest this vehicle is for individuals with an active lifestyle. The Mokka X is bigger than the Crossland X, offering even more comfort for five adults and more carrying space. It should also be easy to drive with its 1.4 liter turbocharged petrol. At 1.2 million pesos, this crossover should suit small families.

Grandland X – The biggest Opel SUV will be 1.5 million pesos. It will seat five people comfortably while being the most technology laden. It will be equipped with PSA’s Grip Control allowing the SUV to get out of sticky situations even with just two wheel drive. It will be powered by a 1.6 liter turbocharged diesel engine. The Grandland X is the tall comfy brother of the Peugeot 3008.

Made up your mind? What Opel do you want now?

At the very least, original Opel owners will finally have a proper place to service their automotive love. Things created with the head will also be irrational to keep for a long time while something that was created with the heart would withstand the test of time. Just like art. Just like love. These are the things we want.

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