Electric Dreams

Next to looks, the second biggest hook of automobiles is its heart, the motor – the internal combustion engine or ICE. Why? Its mere presence. The sound, vibration and power that 200 parts make when they work cohesively. However, it’s also what makes it obsolete for the future. In the near future, the ICE will […]

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You know someone has a balanced life when they let loose sometimes, like eating snacks. I like to eat snacks, both sweet and savoury. So much so, when doing grocery, I always take it as an opportunity to try new products on the market. Hence, I have developed distinct preference for brands, products and even […]

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The Sub- Way

The need for citizens to be disciplined can never be more apparent than when the government appoints men in uniform to man the country’s important executive positions. Recently a former brigadier general was made chairman of MMDA. Immediately, city speed limits were set and no window number coding imposed. Closure of city bus terminals with […]

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Thirty-Eight Pesos

I see it everyday on my route to my favorite Starbucks hang out and it just got me curious. How modern are these modern Jeepneys anyway? For thirty-eight pesos I took a round trip from Eastwood via DyipKo. Wow this is a mini bus! Compared to a traditional Jeepney, DyipKo is literally a room on […]

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Filipino Time

Behold the dreaded EDSA parking lot now flows! Well, at least on the northbound side. If you noticed the same you should thank the Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange or PITX for this. Cavitenos and Batangenos commuting to the city now depart from the PITX central terminal, located at the Bay area. They can get a […]

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Mission Critical

I hear they are now cleaning up other areas in Manila Bay; and are planning to rehabilitate Siargao. It keeps coming and eco-warriors are tidying up the archipelago. Bandwagoning is a prevalent occurrence amongst Filipinos. It has got to do with the sense of belonging. Filipinos love to be together and do things together – […]

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Like saving the last bite, the Venice Beach sunset was the last thing I wanted to see with California’s natural golden light. On the plane, I devote time in synchronising. Just like setting the time with the crown of your watch, synchronising your body clock involves a proper mix of coffee and melatonin to get […]

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The Gray Area

Once again, a Filipina has won the most coveted title of Miss Universe. The most interesting aspect of this win is the general reaction of Filipinos, “she deserves it.” I myself felt the same way. This got me questioning. How does one say that someone really deserves the coveted title of Miss Universe or for […]

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Bells and Bikes

Four generations. It took more than a century to bring back those bells. The Balangiga Bells were more than just religious relic, they are a symbol of Filipino bravery during the American occupation. However in modern times, it represented the lopsided relationship with our greatest foreign ally. With his strong leadership and adherence to his […]

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