Ready for Take Off

It’s official. Maverick is flying back to the big screen this June 2020. For those unfamiliar with Maverick, he might be the single symbol of every seventies to eighties born kid dreaming to become a jet fighter pilot; wearing Ray-Bans and bomber jackets, riding a motorcycle and of course French kissing a sexy glammed up […]

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“A Few Wells”

If your wallet is getting thinner or if you are finding yourself in front of the ATM more often, it’s probably because you’re spending more on fuel compared to just a year ago – more than thirty percent! Fuel prices have shot up, but why? It’s been proven that oil is not a finite resource. […]

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Life in HD

There is no doubt the devastation of typhoon Ompong set records. It flooded the untouchable Baguio City which was thought impossible without first turning Metro Manila into Water World. Ompong was also able to flood the hottest city in the country, Tuguegarao. Despite that, there seemed to be a silver lining in the after-math. I […]

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Mediocrity to Magis

It’s the seventy-year anniversary of the Willys Jeep. The Americans are rock crawling in their Jeep Wrangler, the Indians drifting in the dust with their Mahindra Thar and the Filipinos, smiling, as they reverse their Sarao Jeepney to the sounds of a Selecta Ice Cream truck, an old Ghostbuster Proton Pack toy sound chip or […]

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Standout 2

In the history of man, we have never been as free as we are today. No world wars, communism is almost non-existent, the monumental rise of social media and traveling are the major indicators. There is no better time to be proud and standout. There are many brands of automobile out there but none as […]

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As opposed to communism where everything is equal and monotonous, a significant indicator of capitalism is diversity and individualism. Capitalism encourages a society where people explore their inclination and potential. The pinnacle of such a society is Los Angeles, California. Never has a city breathed and beat capitalism as much as L.A. The vibrancy manifests […]

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A Second Life

Driving for pleasure is almost non-existent in today’s traffic. Most of my friends who love to drive now opt to go around with drivers. Yes, even on weekends; most especially on our highways. I bet the sales chart of sports cars looks like Facebook shares. Spending so much on something that depreciates faster than you […]

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I am a champion in my hometown. I am the hero that you need. But I was the underdog in your country. Against all odds, requirements and field tests, I won against the competition. I was spread across your country, more than any other – even adding more. I performed my duties, exceptionally well. Some […]

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No One “Wants” a Toyota, Part 2

Opel’s age-old mission is to make the latest technology in automobiles available to a wider audience. Additionally, the company has spent more than a decade developing automobiles that customers’ would “want”. Opel’s efforts are now paying off. Aside from their die-hard fans, new owners around the world are learning to love the brand. Sounds like […]

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No One “Wants” a Toyota

People buy when they “need” or “want”. Predominantly, people who “need” choose with their head; people who “want” choose with their heart. (In correlation, people who create “needs” create with their head; people who create “wants”, create with their heart.) People buy Toyotas because of their low cost, low maintenance and good resale value. No […]

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